Firmware Rom Firmware Acer Liquid Z160 (Dual Sim) - Keep in mind that Acer Liquid Z4 products also have each different variant, so first before planning the Firmware Upgrade you should also recognize the product you are buying, so that no error occurs later when Firmware upgrade on the device.

Acer LIQUID Z4 has two versions that have been released, namely Acer Liquid Z4 single SIM and Acer Liquid Z4 Double Sim Card, so it is important that you know in advance difference both. 

Firmware Rom Firmware Acer Liquid Z160 (Dual Sim)
Firmware Rom Firmware Acer Liquid Z160 (Dual Sim)

Egood do not select Download now, besides to avoid failure of network operator download method now on the firmware that will be downloaded will also consume data quota you have on the mobile network, keep in mind that the firmware file The latest in I have a relatively large file size of about 450 MB. You can use the Install method via TWRP only.

This is caused by the possibility of successful use of updates through the notification is very small.

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